About Vintage Flair

My Vintage Flair was “officially” born in 2017, but in reality it was created many years prior!

Planing our wedding was truly the starting point of this adventure...I wanted a vintage feel to our special day and this “vintage feel” is what I also wanted for our home.

The very first project that I built from scratch was a serving tray. Beside volunteering for Calgary Habitat for Humanity for a short period of time I had no “professional” training in the construction department, but said to myself “how hard can it be?” LOL

I kicked my husband out of the garage and turned it into my shop. I made several of these trays, they became my kid’s teachers’ end of school year presents, I made them for our home and was commissioned to make quite a few!

As I a am getting older I find myself becoming nostalgic and wanting to preserve history by refinishing family heirlooms or repurposing old vintage pieces. Recycling is a major part of what “My Vintage Flair” is all about!

My first market was in the spring of 2017 in a small community centre west of the city and even though I sold absolutely nothing I loved it and got hooked. I learned to “setup” in a way that was a lot more pleasing to the eye and I will never forget the feeling I had when I made my first sale!!

Fast forward to today, you can now find My Vintage Flair’s creations in 4 stores in 4 different cities and continuing to expand! I have learned and continue to learn about building and repurposing quality pieces. I have met so many awesome people that contributed to the way I do business today!

Before the world shut down due to a pandemic, I hosted “Make your own” house parties! It was a fun way to get a bunch of friends together and get creative! I realize now how much I miss these events...